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International Programs

There are numerous other opportunities for dental students to participate in outreach activities as follows:

The Christian Medical/Dental Society sponsors weekend Mission trips (6-8) to the US/Mexican border region during the academic year.  Students at all levels sign up for this program with the Christian Medical/Dental Society which schedules the weekend trips.   Usually, there are about 24 dental students who sign up for each trip.  The students are divided into two groups - one group to stay on the US side of the border and the other group goes into Mexico.  The Christian Medical/Dental Society takes the mobile dental van and stations it at a church, community center, or school in the designated community on the US side of the border (Del Rio, Eagle Pass, or Laredo) while portable equipment is taken across the border into Mexico/sister communities (Ciudad Acuna, Piedras Negras, and Nuevo Laredo).  The dental students are supervised by dental school faculty and private practitioners.   Basic primary, preventive, and emergency dental care is provided through this program. The program in the Mexican side of the border is currently on hold due to security/safety issues.
UTHSCSA participates in a Japanese Exchange Program in conjunction with 2 Japanese Dental Schools.  Through this program, 5 Japanese dental students and 1 faculty member visit UTHSCSA for a week in August each year; subsequently, 5 UTHSCSA dental students visit each of the 2 Japanese dental schools for a week in March each year.

Various faculty and/or students participate in other international programs offered through various agencies/organizations.  During summer 2011, two junior dental students spent 2 weeks in Honduras, through a CMDA/university- sponsored mission program in conjunction with Medical Missions.